Clash in two groups of AL in Sirajdikhan

20 September 2019 Friday

Rashid Ahmad

সম্মেলনে হাতাহাতি (1)Reports of lock in clash between two factions of AL supporters has happenned yesterday.

It is learnt that exchange of hot words and back bitings occurred in Tri annual conference of ward 4 Awami League of Chittrakot under Sirajdikhan upazila of the district. It happenned near Kalshur primary school thursday afternoon.

The fight occured between the supporters of  president candidates Abed Ali and Dr. Komet in their presence.

The local people said, the situation became hot when the notorious drug peddler dr. Komet son of Jagadish Sarkar of the same village wanted the president ship of the ward committee. The angry people opposed the candidature of the drug peddler dr. Komet and began to exchange hot words and at one step they locked in clash with the supporters of  another president candidate Abed Ali.

Jubo league president Sha Alam and general secretary Uzzaal Dewan along with jubo league leader Md. Ajim were present in the conference. It is learnt that earlier a complaint of drug peddling was lodged with Shekhornagar police against the president candidate dr. Komet, but he did not come back to right path.



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